$150 interior, exterior and drone images. 

$10 charge for Virtual Tour.

Link to an example of tour

$15 Travel charge outside of Sarasota and Bradenton.

All other Apartments,Rentals,Architectural,Commercial please contact for a quote.

Image quantity

There is no set limit on how many images you will receive. All property’s are different and some might only require so many images. And another property might need more. It depends on the square foot of the property. If the property has large back yard or not for example. So one house might have 15 images and the other 30 images. It also depends of the request of the customer.

Other services

Weddings start at $500.00 for full day and processed images on DVD or cloud upload. please contact regarding other services and for prices.

Glamor shots or all other services please contact for a quote.



Click on this to Download the PDF of Nicholas Laszewski Photography contract.