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Liberty Mutual Wausau copywright 2012 
Like to make a short post here. I got my D7000 and had it for one day. It was a great camera and love the feel of the camera. It was larger and heavier then my D90 and the features was just unbelievable. I've been shooting for so long with consumer level cameras and never held a pro camera in my life. Or even shot with one. But this camera felt like on and loved having it in my hands. But and this is a big but..The dial up front was sticking and the f stop was just moving sluggishly. Also the camera menu was so large I wish I had a manual. And also the camera did not come with the original charger and all the other accessories. So I said to my self ok lets see what the shutter count it..I went home did a shutter count and it said 54000. I just sighed and sent the camera back. For the amount of money I paid for it Iwas not getting my moneys worth. So Ill be looking on ebay..At least Ill get everything that comes with the camera and also a camera with under 20k in the shutter count. I've delt with KEH.com before and bought lots of stuff. But this time I was burnt. Anyways I still have my D80 and D90 and there booth great cameras. But I do love the D7000 a lot and cant wait till I can get my mitts on it again. Ok I went to Liberty Mutual in Wausau to take some exterior shots. Well I drove around the building and found a nice spot. I set up my camera and right away got caught by the security guard. But he was nice enough to let me take one shot and its the image above. Its nice to have and eye to scoop things out because I would not see this right away. Well this image with taken with my D80. And it came out great so a 6 year old camera is not out of date. They still create great images. But yes I am a gear head and cant wait to see the D7000 in my camera bag.


Ok take care everyone...


Photo J and D7000


Fire Copywright Lazphoto.net 2012

Well its been awhile since a did a post. And its fair time to get one done. Nothing dramatic new in my life...I do have a wedding gig at the end of may big smiles : ) To be honest I just posted it on Craigslist hoping to do one wedding at least this year. I do enjoy doing weddings but like I said before not my mission to be a wedding photographer. But its important to keep on my toes. So just the cobwebs don’t start building up and I get rusty. As long as I do a wedding or two a year Ill be refreshed and not to much time between gigs. So I'm hoping on some great images out of this wedding. There has been some upgrade in my gear. I got a Sigma 10-20mm lens for my interior photo business Ill be starting up in Florida. And last weekend I ordered a new camera. Its the D7000 a 16 megapixel camera with features I've been looking for in a camera. But never offered in the lower end cameras. Now first this will be my last crop sensor camera. From now on it will be full frame. But it will still be a couple of years before I reach that goal. Now the D7000 does have 4 more megapixels then my 90. But also it has twice as many focusing points. It has two card slots for back up. It has low noise in the high ISO. My 90 had low noise up to 1600. But the 7000 should be twice as good...So fast glass and low noise makes it easier to shoot in low light like a wedding.. Also its shoots at 6 frames a second and a full frame view finder. Also the video is leaps and bounds from the 90. With full 1080p and mike jack for microphone. And to be honest there is more but Ill find out when I get it..Oh there is quit shutter too. That will be interesting to mess around with. Now except for the video all of these features has been available for years in the pro cameras. But its now made it to a camera I can afford. Yes I can get the more expensive cameras. But I honestly like to move to Florida so the rest of the money needs to stay in the bank. Ok need to rap this up..I posted an image I took of a garaged fire. I notice flames the other night from my apartment. And hesitated to grab my camera. I was in my sweats and ready for bed. But I just had to..So I grabbed my camera and lenses and went down to the scene. Now the big flames where being put out by are finest. But still was able to get a couple of shots in. I still had the photo J in me..I shot for the school newspaper and still shoot on the side. To be honest I love to do all aspects of Photography from photo J to Stills to anything. If it involves a camera and a lens...IM THERE DUDE!!


Ok take care

Doorway to expectations.

Are school might change..But are memorys dont..Copywright Lazphoto.net 2012


Hello everyone its been awhile since I posted anything in my blog. To be honest there has not much going on in my photographic life. My plans have change again. As I mentioned in my other posting my reluctance of living in my area. I made the decision to move to the sunny state of Florida. Why am I doing this. Well first I use to live in Florida and missed it every day since I moved. Why I am not sure but I was happy there and might find happiness again. But also there is a reason for this move. It was not for the sun and warm weather and also the ocean. It was not in my sights at all for my big move. But I listen to a photography podcast called photonetcast. They had a guest on that shot rental property for a living. And that peaked my interest greatly. I called up this photographer and talk to him about the field. Well he convinced me to make the plunge. If your interested here is his website digitalcoastimage  . Now I need to get going on getting into property’s and start working on my interior photography. And start developing an a portfolio. My website will be changing because of this...Or maybe I will be starting up a new one. And changing this site around to market towards my other interest. It would be more for the glamor and product photography..Portraits...And also have some of my wedding shots up also. I do enjoy doing weddings. But that's not going to be the central of my endeavor. Ok the image above my old high school. It was converted into apartment buildings a couple of years ago. And thought it would be interesting to go do some shots. This image was my favorite because of the lighting and how it provoke and a emotional response. I'll be posting images of interior shoots as they come. But first I need to get my foot in the door. And get into some prime real estate..Ok wish me luck..oh one more thing I haven’t wrote anything in quite some time so I'm a bit rusty...See this is what happens when your not posting regularly..

Its a new year and New a new vision...


Christmas lights display copyright 2011 lazphoto.net



Lake Du Bay ice fisher copyright 2011 lazphoto.net


Its a new year and ready to take on a fresh outlook at my objective. Just recently I have discovered that I might be stuck in Central Wisconsin for good. Is it a good thing or not? Well we will see. Its not a bad area and yes there is a ich to move some where else. But its not the area its my career that is in question. Anyways the job losses in the area got me worried. But its happening everywhere and a sign of the times. So I'm just praying for fresh business to open in this area. And that we can get moving to a 21st century economy. Its unfortunate but the 20th century is behind us and the way people make a living is going along with it. So its time to innovate and move on in this world economy. Anyways I got some images to post on this blog. Been posting them on Facebook but not on my site. It's been awhile since I have posted on my blog. And maybe in 2012 I'll do more posting. I guess we will see...Ok then Hope the Holidays went well for everyone and...



Nothing new...


I have not posted anything in awhile. Maybe Ill get back on my horse and start up. But there is no one reading my blogs. So to be honest Ill just will not post...Ill be updating my site with new images...As off today I posted my Senior portraits I took last month. But for the year of 2011 I had two payed jobs. And they where booth friends from work. So I can not even consider that real jobs. I have no Idea if Ill be going pro and live off the fruits of my photography ..probably not. Its a hard field to get into and even harder to make a living. So I guess I'm just in a bad mood today and my hopes are out the door. Who knows tho tomorrow is a new day. And life can be surprising..ok when the snow falls I'll be out there shooting some HDR of the Xmas lights. So I'll post the images as soon as there done...just waiting for the snow.. Hello there mother nature...are you listening...a little snow would be nice..

Ok take care....



Well last week I came up with a plan. In my past posts I said this and I said that. It was all just one pipe dream after another. But after weeks of ups and downs about my Photography. I decided to go in it strategically. First winter is coming and well it is slow season for all photographers. So I will be working on getting wedding gigs for the next season. Some around central Wisconsin and some in the Madison area. Also to find out how I can generate business from the high schools Seniors. Also in the winter to start shooting more stock images. I will start with food and then expand from there. Theme images for the coming holidays and other thought and ideas I will come up with. Now that is what I would of done in the past. But never got up and did it. So lets hope and pray this works. And some day to finally go pro...And move to the Madison area...or whatever calls me....


Have a wonderful week everyone.


One more note regarding the Death of indy car driver Dan Wheldon. I thought of Scott Bourne when I seen the coverage on tv. I thought since he loves cars and lives in Vegas he might be there.  And I was right here is a link to his site Photofocus

Stay hungry stay foolish...


Steve Jobs February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

Last week Steve Jobs passed away. I was so stunned by the news I gasp when I first found out. I should not have been. All the signs where there. His battle with cancer and stepping down from Apple. But I was not paying close enough attention to see it coming. Right now I am typing on a Dell computer and my images get edited on Compaq ( I would have a Mac but its to expensive..but some day). I grew up with Apple computers in my schooling. Back in 1990 I was using the Macintosh in school. It was a typing class and it took years to get my eyes off the keyboard but I finally did. Then in the late 1990's I played around with my roommates Mac. But in 2004 I went to school and was thrown into the world or Apple. And seen three generations of Apple computers when I was there. I love these computers and felt so comfortable using them. I am a Mac user and always will be one. Even if I do not own one...not yet.

The day after his passing I heard a lot about Steve Jobs. And the most I heard was his 2005 commencement Address at Stanford University. I listen to the Speech three times threw three different podcast. And it was hammered into my head after the third time. He spoke about his childhood and his firing at Apple and his return to Apple also his bout with cancer. But what I learned was he had his pit falls and bumps in the road like everyone else. But that did not hurt him. It made him the man he is better and more driven. That is the spirit that captivated me the most. And also he drive for free thought and originality. Not to live someone else's ideas but to make your own . To make a mark on the world and to be you. Not to stand under someone else's shadow but to cast your own.

That's what I been preaching about my photography and the photography of others. Do not just do what looks good. You look like everyone else. Do something different...Be original..Be creative..then if your not then I can go online and show you ten other examples of work that looks like yours.....


Ok take care and RIP Steve you had a vision and will live on for generations.   

The Responsibility as an artist. And no not LA..

Grave colors Copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011


Well to just get this off my chest I am not going to LA. Its just one of my fantasy coming out on the screen. Now it's not that its a fantasy. I understand about the trials and down falls in such ventures. The idea has been in my head for a long time. And its just so hard to get rid of it. Like I told someone at work. If I had a friend in the LA are. And they give me a call and said “hay Come to LA and you can live with me”. “I get you a crappy job so you can have some money coming in”. Well I would sell everything that I can not pack in my car. And will leave the next day without looking back. That’s how I feel about that idea.

Now onto the Responsibility of an Artist. I was listening to a podcast last week. And they brought up a novel that I can not recall at this time. To be honest that is not the point. It's over all theme in the novel was that artist have responsibility to there work. Now this might be a no brainer to some. But to others they do not even take that into account. When I heard that it stuck a cord with me. I feel that we all have the responsibility to are work. To do are best and to take pride in it. The kind of pride that a artist or painter would look at there sculpture or painting and be proud of there accomplishment. Now I look at my images and have the same feeling. If you have a good feeling when you sit back and look at the image. Then its your subconscious telling you “hay good job”. Now it all depends on the quality of work also. You must be able to identify the quality in your work If not then maybe you should go back to school and work harder on your craft. Well I preached about this in the past. And maybe this is an ongoing theme to my blog. But this topic means a lot to me. Maybe because I see so much crap around here I get frustrated. And also its a small town. There will be a lot of amateurs. Can not wait to move to a larger city...There be a good balance of crap to good work. And I bet ya I will be singing a different tune..


Ok have a great week everyone

Going pro, Moving to LA or just giving up.

Well its been 10 months since my last payed gig. Part of the reason was my lack of advertisement. Also the ads placed on Craigslist has brought no work either. So this is my game plan from here forth. I will be ordering a book on Amazon Called Going Pro by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen. I’ve been listening to there podcast call Going Pro 2011 for some time now. And the information has be very valuable. So my plan is to get the book when it released in the middle of October and use it as my photo bible. Go threw it with a fine tooth comb and use every trick in that book to try to generate business. Now I believe it can work but should I use it here in Central Wisconsin or move to LA. Yes I said LA...I feel my talents as a photographers is not growing as it should. And I need to move to an environment that I can use it and be appreciated. Its a giant leap and maybe not a good idea for my age. But I have not much to loose. And so if that is true then what the heck. My last option is to just give it up and sell all my stuff. Go back to school and try something else. But I just feel that I do not want to do that. Its my passion and If Im not creative in my work. Then a talent I have will just waste away. And to be honest its been wasting away for many years now I'm not getting any younger. Ok I will keep this blog posted with any new developments. I hope things do change for the best. Because it can not get any worst.


Have a wonderful week everyone.


HDR is not just all cartoony...

Copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011

Looking at my HDR it does look a little cartoony. But that is the look I was going for. Recently I went out to a friends land to take some pictures for memory sake. Before construction takes it over. To some people its just a open field. But to my friend its his childhood. And he wanted to remember the way it was. And wished I did the same thing to my childhood home. Its all changed and just does not look the way it was when I was a kid. Anyways HDR can be used in different ways to just bring out the image. Or go the extra mile and make it look out of worldly. Its all in the intentions of what you would like to get out in the end process.

Ok take care everyone.

Grammar and spelling-Edited Images-9/11


Top image the World Trade center. Bottom image 9/11 memorial.


At work I manage there Facebook page. Letting people know about upcoming specials and general acknowledgment to are customers.  A few days ago a email was sent to the corporate headquarters and forward to the store. Its was regarding my post I’ve been making on are page. I had many spelling and grammar errors. And pointed out that I was not professional and should not be posting. Just last night I was shown the post at work and all the errors. Now just to let you all know I am dyslexic and its hard for me to spell or edit my own content. Thank god for spellcheck on my computer takes care most of my miss spelling. But it will not take care of my sentence structure and punctuation and miss use of words. Now I have had this handicap my entire life. And there is no way to get around it but to try to catch my errors before it hits the web. I know that my spelling and grammar sucks. But I post these because I want my customers to get to know me. And if they have to deal with my writing then so be it. And to be honest I am hired to take pictures. Not to wright a novel for them. Anyways I will be looking into ways to improve my spelling and Grammar. Second item on my agenda is edited images.  I was recently talking to a potential customer. She ask me if I edit my images. And I said yes she will be getting edited images. Now all my customers ask this. And it really never hit me until now. But every image on my website has been edited. All images one way or another has been edited. Either its been cropped or the color been tweaked or touched up. Its the age of Photoshop but many people just do not realize it. Well to let you all know that image manipulation been around since the beginning of photography.  And will be around far into the future. So what I’m saying yes the images will be edited. Because us photographers can make a pretty picture in camera. But we make it shine in the digital darkroom. Ok I’m writing this on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So I’m posting a image of the two towers and the memorial to commemorate this occasion.

Ok ounce again sorry for the spelling everyone..but I will not stop posting just because


Have a wonderful week.

Nothing new to report.

To be honest I have nothing new to report. Except for my webhost is confusing me. I try to upload new images but the gallery is only taking a limited amount. This is confusing because the other gallery’s are well over that amount. So I had to make another gallery for spill over. Ya and I know I am suppose show my best images. So yes I am going overboard with my content. So I will one of these days start deleting my weaker images...and older also. But there like kids to me. And just kinda hurts when I take them off my site. Ok also to Let you know I added a HDR gallery. Like to get back out there and shoot more HDR. And will soon before the snow falls : ( ya well its getting cold here at night. And really not looking forward to it. Anyways I will update new images soon. And will have something more interesting to say.

Ok have a wonderful Day everyone.

Finally A wedding image to be proud of.

Weddings are Forever Copyright 2011 Nicholas Laszewsk

 Its been many years a I only shot acouple of weddings. Well including this wedding it will be 8. Now 8 might sound like alot but in the wedding photography business im just wet behind the ears. But to be honest I am not even remotely close to the top wedding photographers. But I can not discount myself either. I learn something new at each wedding. Either its a technical thing with my gear. Or just experiences I go threw while shooting weddings. Now with these images I can take my wedding shooting a lot more serious. And try to market myself to that aspect of the field. To be honest I love photography and do not care what other Photographers say. But I want to shoot everything. From still to portrait to architecture to event. It all is so much fun to do. Even sitting hours in front of the computer is nothing to complain about.  Now its time to see if I can get myself out there and noticed : )


Ok have a wonderful week everyone. P.S. I will try to post more...According to Mr Scott Bourne I should be posting no less then 3 times a week...OH BOY!!

Crazy weekend! Great images!

Oldtimey Folks Copyright Nicholas Laszewki 2011

 This weekend was wild for me. I had a weeding to shoot and took a few shots at a local festival. The image of the Log jam is above. Last year I went to check it out. And came up with a idea of taking an image of the encampments set ups. I did not take the advantage last year. But this year I took the opportunity to get it done. Now I like to let everyone know about my realization on taking pictures. It is that the images are there to take. You just need to get out and do it. And if there is people in the shot. Then ask what is the worst thing that can happen. They say no. Well then just move on and there are plenty of other images to find in this wonderful world. Now I also mentioned I shot a wedding. In my older post I said I was going to post on Craigslist for a free wedding photographer. Well it was not the best idea to do a wedding for free. But I needed to for the images. And I am glad to report it was all worth it. The wedding party was awesome and so willing to do crazy things. I am so happy I had the opportunity to shot this wedding. And will be redoing my entire Wedding portfolio. And finally this website will be looking good from front to back. Except for my spelling and grammar. But hay If I could have my own personal editor. Then I would have the post squeaky clean.

Ok have a wonderful week everyone.

More HDR : )


Bumper cars Copyright Nicholas laszewski 2011


Rat control copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011

Well I have not posted anything for quite some time. But my obligation to this blog is not a regular thing. And to be honest have not had the bug to post like a mad man. Anywho my plan to to post more HDR as soon as there done. What I was waiting for was the fair to come to town. And I waited and waited then it arrived. I was interested in the rides and the texture and color they could express in HDR. And well I was right and the examples are for you to see. Now I like the Bumper car image alot. But I post the Rat kiddie ride also. And last I did not crop the images. Why well just did not see the reason why. That is not total true. When I shot these images I had the camera on a tripod. And took my time composing the image. So I was cropping the image but it was on site and in the camera. Ok well I hope you all like and have a wonderful week.

HDR Finally!!

 Tank Copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011


Mitsubishi eclipse basketball copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011

 Well I got up early today to go and shoot before it started to rain. Did not go to far. And to be honest nobody needs to go far to take good images. If so your not looking well enough. Got some shots at the armory and a new church there building down the road and some houses also. The houses around here are old and very characteristic. Got home and watched some HDR tutorials from Trey Ratcliff. To be honest I learn very little. But what I did learn was good enough to produce the following images. This I would say are the best HDR I have done. And also to be honest I have not done to much. So I am quit happy with the fact I did not spend much time behind the computer. Yes the turtorials helped out alot so my props out to Trey and his wonderful work at stuckincustoms.com So here here Nicholas a good ol pat on the back. And ready to go to more interesting spots to produce more interesting images.

Well take care and you all have a splendid day.


Shooting old school..Keeping it real.


Minolta X700 Vintage 1981

Just like to take you down memory lane. My first camera was the Minolta X700. It was a film camera and did have no bells or whistles. It did have a light meter built into it but I did not even use it. To be honest I did not understand most of its features. But it was the camera I had when I went to school. And the camera I used in my first year. Must say tho I miss it and wish I never sold it. If I come across the camera for cheap. I will buy it for nostalgic reasons. Why I am posting this is because I still shoot manually. That means I do not let the camera choose the settings. Yes I do let the camera focus for me. That is because I did manual focus for quite some time. I understand that it is better result wise that the camera will be more spot on then me. And when its time to press the trigger. Then 9 times out of 10 I will have a image in focus. At the same time missing the image because it was out of focus really sucks. So P mode is not in my book and A mode is not in my vocabulary. And when technology becomes many more advance. Whatever they put in the newer cameras. I will always let my instincts as a photographer take over. It is better that way and makes me feel I have control of what I am doing.

Ok take care you all.....

Just relax Nicholas!!





Not sure why I am so uptight lately. My blog posts lately just been about not having work and griping on other photographers. What is wrong with me like I have nothing else better to talk about. Well I do and will say upbeat and positive things from now on. Until I have something that attention that needs to be address. Well got an image of a balloon rally I attend above. Thought I would be able to get a bunch in one shot. Best was this image of group of three. And also an image of a fella keeping a ballon from going astray.


Ok well take care everyone and have a wonderful day.


Crappy Pie Studios and Saturation of bad work.

Got off work early today and had a chance to go to a photo studio that was next door to talk to the photographer. I've seen her work and had to talk to her about lighting situations. Well the lady there said she went to school to learn photography and studied under a photographer in town. But I ask her about the two sun situation. And she just gave me a blank look. Also I told her about family portraits they took there. And she said the lights are set up for taking pictures of Baby’s not family’s. And they took the pictures anyways and charged the customer. All I have to say is OMG! There are plenty of good photographers out there. And at the same time plenty of crappy ones. And what do people know about photography. They have there own lives to live. It is are jobs as photographers to produce top notch stuff. And there just not doing it. It is so frustrating that I have to see customers walking away with poorly composed and lite images. And pay money for it just is to much. Ok done ranting and raving. I guess that is just how it is out there. Well I know at least I will do the best I can. To give customers the best work I can do. And if I do not then it is not right to charge them one penny.

Ok take care you all ; )

Harsh light and Super 8. Film is beautiful!

 Monona Terrace Madison Wisconsin


Super 8 2011 Paramount Pictures



I was out and about in Madison Wisconsin on a warm sunny day. Thinking that the light was just to harsh for picture taking. Well I should of known better and I did. I was walking to check out Monona Terrace and the lines and shadow was striking. So I went back to grab my trusty old camera. Even if it is almost 5 years old. I am impressed by the images it still can take. Anyways I think it is important as a photographer to be able to use all the lighting situations your put into. If it is sunny take advantage of all the interesting shadows it creates. Overcast then use the wide contrast of light and shadow. If it is soft light with light overcast. Then well it is the best for all types of situations. So I was afraid before and said the light was not good to go out and shoot. Well all I have to say is poppycock. There is a image in everything no matter what the light is.


Today I saw Super 8 at the theaters. I wanted to see the movie when it came out. But waited maybe I'll see it when it comes to video. Well I'm glad I went to see it. Now I will not review the movie. Tho it was a good movie and well worth the coin to see it. But what struck me that film is still alive and kicking. And seeing it on the big screen was just amazing. Yes it was grainy in the darker scenes but that added some authenticity to the use of film. Not to sure of what type of film they used but it was the same type they used in Saving Private Ryan. I guess that was Steven Spielberg doing. And I thank him for keeping the media alive. In the age of digital and the use of the Red Camera and it soon to be predecessor. Maybe not in my lifetime but in future generations film will be eventually canned. But until then I will enjoy the movies more and its use of traditional film.


K take care everyone.