This is the summer of my discontent

Example of image taken by my colaberator CJ.

I've been lagging in my blog post lately. Because of the lack of enthusiasm for anything. I wish I could get phone calls for my business. Because I feel it would be nice kick in the rear for me. But it's not happening. In a day I'll be getting more fliers in the mail. So I'll going out again doing the rounds. Maybe that will make me feel better and put more pep in my step. Not to sure why I am so much in the dump..Well I actually know why. But unfortunately it's something I can not talk about it in this post. What I need to find is that passion I had for photography. It seems not to be there. Right now I guess I'll have to concentrate on other things. I am painting again so that's a good thing. But what else do I need to make me feel better. I guess I'll just wait and see. One thing I have found a drone pilot. So I can do aerials now if the customer request it.


Ok take care everyone.