Pizzas to Pictures



Copyright 2014


This last week was very long and trying for me. To pay the bills I deliver Pizzas and clean an office building. The cleaning job is ok and I can not complain about it. But the Pizza job is just getting old and tiresome. I've been doing this type of work for way to long and its taking a toll on my sanity. I do this type of work because of the expected income. I've told myself I'm going to look for a different job, but I dont. I'd rather just go and market my business. Talk to potential clients and drop off fliers. I move to this area to get my skin in the game and try to do a go for it. A year here will be coming up in June. Have I reached my goal? At the least..But that will not stop me. I have gotten a couple of jobs and I'm grateful for it. But I'll need 15 gigs a month for me to quit my pizza job. It will take time and summer will be here soon. So I'll be working harder to get my name out there. My price will stay the same for now. I would love to shoot real estate full time.  Figure out how I can accomplish this is going to be the big question. So for now its pizza and pictures. And some day soon it will be just pictures.