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Just recently I had a job. When I showed up the customer assumed a virtual tour was part of the package. I was a little thrown off by this assumption. But I should of not been, since all the realtors been saying the same thing. “Do you do virtual tours”? Since I was new at this game I thought virtual tours was completely something else. A stitching of wide angle images to create a fun house look of the interior. I was terribly wrong at this and was happy to be so. It was just a slide show set to display the property in full screen view. Also with information on the property and if requested a floor plane. Here is a link to what I offered my customer

The other day I was asked if I do drone photography. This is another request I’ve been asked. I tell them every single time no. It requires a major investment in drone technology. And at this time I have not generated the money to justify it. If they need the images from eye in the sky. Then services are out there that offer that. To be honest I do not yet see the infatuation with birds eye view of the property. Yes it might be a wonderful selling point to the potential buyer. But I think the view a human usually see's is on the ground. But that is my opinion and I can be terribly wrong..And also back to price point..I charge $80 for images and $10 for virtual tour. So if they want drone images..Then Id have to charge $50 per image to make the money back from my investment. So I'm happy I had another job and its nice that they loved the images. Now like I said in my previous post I'm ready for the next one and the next one...