Fear and loathing in Sarasota Florida


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Its been 7 months since I’ve moved to Sarasota. And only one job to claim at this time. Being disgruntle might be my emotion. But that would be an easy way to coop out of my situation. I just get back from dropping more fliers off at the same real estate brokers I've dropped off before. Threw the process my emotions are mute. I feel now that I'm just going threw the motions. But will I stop? No! That’s because deep down inside I want to still be a photographer. Right now I will be working on another venture into photography. And that will be selling fine art photo prints. Some will be mine, but most will be other peoples work. It will take a little investment. But I feel I need to keep on pursuing my dream. To work in the world of photography full time. That as a photographer or seller on photography. So I lowered my prices in my services. And that will be the last time It will go down. I can not justify any lower then $80. The time and work to get the images shot and processes and off to the client. I will be making around $12 and hour. But that might change on how my work flo goes. So now its time to get working on my fine art venture. That means more business cards and more driving around. But that's how its done. Nothing will happen if I just sit home and pray for someone to call.