You need to be professional!!

Today I was out distributing my flyers to local real estate agencies. All was going good until my last stop. There I am strolling into a small agency wearing my work shorts and tee shirt and approached a older gentleman. He looked at me stunned saying who are you? I said like I usually do is that I am dropping off my Flyers. He looked at it for a second and then looked back at me in my shorts and tee shirts. He said you are not a professional in his deep accent..In witch I can not place may be southern European. Anyways he made some comments about my flyer that he can't read it and hand it back. Come back he said and be professional about it. I was stunned for hours. Until I went to my cleaning job at a local office down the road. There was a few people working late. So I talk to a lady that was working in her office. She was kind and nice and we chatted about my encounter. Threw all that I understood that its not my pictures that do all the talking. But how I present myself. Thinking that I'm not selling something that I need to present and explain. But a product that the images do all the work. Ive worked for minimum wage jobs all my life. And mostly in the service economy. So Ive dealt with all walks of people. And to be honest do a good job at it. But I'm always behind a phone or wearing a dirty uniform because I'm cleaning or at a restaurant. This is hard for me to understand the professional side of life. Yes the communication part I feel I have down. But it's also presentation. Everyone that works in a office and business side of the world do it every day. Me I just need to understand it. I feel my work is marketable and worth going out there to sell it. But for me I need to trip and fall a couple times before people take me seriously.