Carefull what you pay for..


The image that was given to my friend.

After I got my Mouse on the image..

 Last week I was down in Naples to visit a friend of mine. He moved down the same time I did and brought some of my stuff down with him. While I was there he tossed me his wedding cd and ask me if I can do something about the images. I told him Ill take a look and see if I can spruce them up for him. Well a couple of days later I took a look and was appalled. The images where so unprofessional shot. The angles the shots where terrible..the way the shots where set up where unimaginable. And the worst out it all was there was water on the lens..Or dust on the sensor. Either way the images where not fixed in post and just exported onto a CD and given to my friend. And the worst about it all my buddy payed the photographer a couple of hundred dollars. Well let you know bad images is why I’m here. The images displaying Real Estate is bad...So I hope people out there understand what is a good image looks like and call me..