Moving to florida..


Naples Pier..Copyright 2013

Its been quit an adventure for me on my journey to this point. For some time I was dazed and confused on what I need to do with my life. But I had some time off at work and decided to take a trip to Florida. Well the trip was well worth my money and time. And I decided to move to the sunshine state. And peruse the real estate and rental property photo business. It will be challenging and maybe a little trying but it will be worth it. There is nothing for me here in Wausau. Yes family and love ones but that can not put a roof over my head. Or give me a carrier...So Its time to pack up and move on and hope for the best. I redesign my site to have less content. And also I would like to approach these aspects of photography. Main goal is real estate but I still like to do senior portraits,weddings,glamor shots also. I enjoy doing all of that and will like to keep it on my site. So I can pursue these aspects of photography and grow. Also I was going to get rid of my blog..But I think its important to me and maybe others to see my online journal. I never kept a diary and this is kind of my trail left on the web..Ok time to get back to my site..Its still a bit of a mess...OH YA HAPPY 2013!!!