Researching My field and the beauty of the space.

Stairs to nowhere copyright 2013

I’ve talked about doing research before on my blog. But now since I will be moving to Florida. Its important to know the field of work I'm getting into. I started by looking at and watched all the videos. Then I got out there and shoot my heart out to get the images you see on my site today. And many more to come when I get out there and start making money in this field. Also kept up with the site This site offers information in the field of real estate photography and other nice tib bits. This site has a Flickr following at These are the main spots I visit to get inspiration and see what is out there for images. I follow other photographers on these sites and see what there doing to offer images to there costumers. If my images don’t look like what you see on these other sites. They will be gravitating to that type of look. To be honest they will not look exactly like what you see. I need to find my look that customers want. And also to stroke my ego people will see my image and know it was done by me. One more thing I like to do interior and exterior art photography. By clicking on the 500px icon on my front page. You will see what other work is out there. I do post in multiple locations. And when I do this full time the images will be everywhere. So looking forward to my new endeavor and hope for the best..Plus I got a Facebook business page. Ill be posting my ideas and reposting my blogs..