Weddings and Staying in Wisconsin..

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Just recently I had the opportunity to shoot a weeding. Now weddings can be very interesting to shoot because of the activity that is going on at the time. And you need to know where to be to get the great shoot. But at the same time if you have not shot all the different religions. Then you need to be familiarize with the ceremony or you will lose that shot. For me it was lighting the candle. I wasn’t ready for the shot and missed it. That’s why having two shooters for a weeding is important. But also during the ceremony I was all over the place. And felt intrusive and that made me uncomfortable. But I was on the outside edge of the chapel and not close enough to be in the way. I heard recently from a friend that attended a wedding and the photographers where all over the place. And they where obstructing the wedding. Well I know its important to get the shot. But they need to be a fly on the wall and stay out of the activity. That is one thing I know about photo journalism. Is to record the event do not be part of it...Ok now my move to Florida. I still want to move but first I need to give Wisconsin a chance. Just do what I want to do is to stay in central Wisconsin and market to Madison,Green bay area the Eau Clarie area...But right now I need to do is get into a property and get my portfolio rolling.. Ill post images as they come in. One more thing I got my D7000 and love it..but it will take awhile to understand all it can do...When I do it will probably be time to get another camera.