Just a update on current things


Liberty Mutual Wausau copywright 2012 
Like to make a short post here. I got my D7000 and had it for one day. It was a great camera and love the feel of the camera. It was larger and heavier then my D90 and the features was just unbelievable. I've been shooting for so long with consumer level cameras and never held a pro camera in my life. Or even shot with one. But this camera felt like on and loved having it in my hands. But and this is a big but..The dial up front was sticking and the f stop was just moving sluggishly. Also the camera menu was so large I wish I had a manual. And also the camera did not come with the original charger and all the other accessories. So I said to my self ok lets see what the shutter count it..I went home did a shutter count and it said 54000. I just sighed and sent the camera back. For the amount of money I paid for it Iwas not getting my moneys worth. So Ill be looking on ebay..At least Ill get everything that comes with the camera and also a camera with under 20k in the shutter count. I've delt with KEH.com before and bought lots of stuff. But this time I was burnt. Anyways I still have my D80 and D90 and there booth great cameras. But I do love the D7000 a lot and cant wait till I can get my mitts on it again. Ok I went to Liberty Mutual in Wausau to take some exterior shots. Well I drove around the building and found a nice spot. I set up my camera and right away got caught by the security guard. But he was nice enough to let me take one shot and its the image above. Its nice to have and eye to scoop things out because I would not see this right away. Well this image with taken with my D80. And it came out great so a 6 year old camera is not out of date. They still create great images. But yes I am a gear head and cant wait to see the D7000 in my camera bag.


Ok take care everyone...