Photo J and D7000


Fire Copywright 2012

Well its been awhile since a did a post. And its fair time to get one done. Nothing dramatic new in my life...I do have a wedding gig at the end of may big smiles : ) To be honest I just posted it on Craigslist hoping to do one wedding at least this year. I do enjoy doing weddings but like I said before not my mission to be a wedding photographer. But its important to keep on my toes. So just the cobwebs don’t start building up and I get rusty. As long as I do a wedding or two a year Ill be refreshed and not to much time between gigs. So I'm hoping on some great images out of this wedding. There has been some upgrade in my gear. I got a Sigma 10-20mm lens for my interior photo business Ill be starting up in Florida. And last weekend I ordered a new camera. Its the D7000 a 16 megapixel camera with features I've been looking for in a camera. But never offered in the lower end cameras. Now first this will be my last crop sensor camera. From now on it will be full frame. But it will still be a couple of years before I reach that goal. Now the D7000 does have 4 more megapixels then my 90. But also it has twice as many focusing points. It has two card slots for back up. It has low noise in the high ISO. My 90 had low noise up to 1600. But the 7000 should be twice as good...So fast glass and low noise makes it easier to shoot in low light like a wedding.. Also its shoots at 6 frames a second and a full frame view finder. Also the video is leaps and bounds from the 90. With full 1080p and mike jack for microphone. And to be honest there is more but Ill find out when I get it..Oh there is quit shutter too. That will be interesting to mess around with. Now except for the video all of these features has been available for years in the pro cameras. But its now made it to a camera I can afford. Yes I can get the more expensive cameras. But I honestly like to move to Florida so the rest of the money needs to stay in the bank. Ok need to rap this up..I posted an image I took of a garaged fire. I notice flames the other night from my apartment. And hesitated to grab my camera. I was in my sweats and ready for bed. But I just had to..So I grabbed my camera and lenses and went down to the scene. Now the big flames where being put out by are finest. But still was able to get a couple of shots in. I still had the photo J in me..I shot for the school newspaper and still shoot on the side. To be honest I love to do all aspects of Photography from photo J to Stills to anything. If it involves a camera and a lens...IM THERE DUDE!!


Ok take care