Doorway to expectations.

Are school might change..But are memorys dont..Copywright 2012


Hello everyone its been awhile since I posted anything in my blog. To be honest there has not much going on in my photographic life. My plans have change again. As I mentioned in my other posting my reluctance of living in my area. I made the decision to move to the sunny state of Florida. Why am I doing this. Well first I use to live in Florida and missed it every day since I moved. Why I am not sure but I was happy there and might find happiness again. But also there is a reason for this move. It was not for the sun and warm weather and also the ocean. It was not in my sights at all for my big move. But I listen to a photography podcast called photonetcast. They had a guest on that shot rental property for a living. And that peaked my interest greatly. I called up this photographer and talk to him about the field. Well he convinced me to make the plunge. If your interested here is his website digitalcoastimage  . Now I need to get going on getting into property’s and start working on my interior photography. And start developing an a portfolio. My website will be changing because of this...Or maybe I will be starting up a new one. And changing this site around to market towards my other interest. It would be more for the glamor and product photography..Portraits...And also have some of my wedding shots up also. I do enjoy doing weddings. But that's not going to be the central of my endeavor. Ok the image above my old high school. It was converted into apartment buildings a couple of years ago. And thought it would be interesting to go do some shots. This image was my favorite because of the lighting and how it provoke and a emotional response. I'll be posting images of interior shoots as they come. But first I need to get my foot in the door. And get into some prime real estate..Ok wish me luck..oh one more thing I haven’t wrote anything in quite some time so I'm a bit rusty...See this is what happens when your not posting regularly..