Nothing new to report.

To be honest I have nothing new to report. Except for my webhost is confusing me. I try to upload new images but the gallery is only taking a limited amount. This is confusing because the other gallery’s are well over that amount. So I had to make another gallery for spill over. Ya and I know I am suppose show my best images. So yes I am going overboard with my content. So I will one of these days start deleting my weaker images...and older also. But there like kids to me. And just kinda hurts when I take them off my site. Ok also to Let you know I added a HDR gallery. Like to get back out there and shoot more HDR. And will soon before the snow falls : ( ya well its getting cold here at night. And really not looking forward to it. Anyways I will update new images soon. And will have something more interesting to say.

Ok have a wonderful Day everyone.