Going pro, Moving to LA or just giving up.

Well its been 10 months since my last payed gig. Part of the reason was my lack of advertisement. Also the ads placed on Craigslist has brought no work either. So this is my game plan from here forth. I will be ordering a book on Amazon Called Going Pro by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen. I’ve been listening to there podcast call Going Pro 2011 for some time now. And the information has be very valuable. So my plan is to get the book when it released in the middle of October and use it as my photo bible. Go threw it with a fine tooth comb and use every trick in that book to try to generate business. Now I believe it can work but should I use it here in Central Wisconsin or move to LA. Yes I said LA...I feel my talents as a photographers is not growing as it should. And I need to move to an environment that I can use it and be appreciated. Its a giant leap and maybe not a good idea for my age. But I have not much to loose. And so if that is true then what the heck. My last option is to just give it up and sell all my stuff. Go back to school and try something else. But I just feel that I do not want to do that. Its my passion and If Im not creative in my work. Then a talent I have will just waste away. And to be honest its been wasting away for many years now I'm not getting any younger. Ok I will keep this blog posted with any new developments. I hope things do change for the best. Because it can not get any worst.


Have a wonderful week everyone.