Grammar and spelling-Edited Images-9/11


Top image the World Trade center. Bottom image 9/11 memorial.


At work I manage there Facebook page. Letting people know about upcoming specials and general acknowledgment to are customers.  A few days ago a email was sent to the corporate headquarters and forward to the store. Its was regarding my post I’ve been making on are page. I had many spelling and grammar errors. And pointed out that I was not professional and should not be posting. Just last night I was shown the post at work and all the errors. Now just to let you all know I am dyslexic and its hard for me to spell or edit my own content. Thank god for spellcheck on my computer takes care most of my miss spelling. But it will not take care of my sentence structure and punctuation and miss use of words. Now I have had this handicap my entire life. And there is no way to get around it but to try to catch my errors before it hits the web. I know that my spelling and grammar sucks. But I post these because I want my customers to get to know me. And if they have to deal with my writing then so be it. And to be honest I am hired to take pictures. Not to wright a novel for them. Anyways I will be looking into ways to improve my spelling and Grammar. Second item on my agenda is edited images.  I was recently talking to a potential customer. She ask me if I edit my images. And I said yes she will be getting edited images. Now all my customers ask this. And it really never hit me until now. But every image on my website has been edited. All images one way or another has been edited. Either its been cropped or the color been tweaked or touched up. Its the age of Photoshop but many people just do not realize it. Well to let you all know that image manipulation been around since the beginning of photography.  And will be around far into the future. So what I’m saying yes the images will be edited. Because us photographers can make a pretty picture in camera. But we make it shine in the digital darkroom. Ok I’m writing this on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So I’m posting a image of the two towers and the memorial to commemorate this occasion.

Ok ounce again sorry for the spelling everyone..but I will not stop posting just because


Have a wonderful week.