More HDR : )


Bumper cars Copyright Nicholas laszewski 2011


Rat control copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011

Well I have not posted anything for quite some time. But my obligation to this blog is not a regular thing. And to be honest have not had the bug to post like a mad man. Anywho my plan to to post more HDR as soon as there done. What I was waiting for was the fair to come to town. And I waited and waited then it arrived. I was interested in the rides and the texture and color they could express in HDR. And well I was right and the examples are for you to see. Now I like the Bumper car image alot. But I post the Rat kiddie ride also. And last I did not crop the images. Why well just did not see the reason why. That is not total true. When I shot these images I had the camera on a tripod. And took my time composing the image. So I was cropping the image but it was on site and in the camera. Ok well I hope you all like and have a wonderful week.