Finally A wedding image to be proud of.

Weddings are Forever Copyright 2011 Nicholas Laszewsk

 Its been many years a I only shot acouple of weddings. Well including this wedding it will be 8. Now 8 might sound like alot but in the wedding photography business im just wet behind the ears. But to be honest I am not even remotely close to the top wedding photographers. But I can not discount myself either. I learn something new at each wedding. Either its a technical thing with my gear. Or just experiences I go threw while shooting weddings. Now with these images I can take my wedding shooting a lot more serious. And try to market myself to that aspect of the field. To be honest I love photography and do not care what other Photographers say. But I want to shoot everything. From still to portrait to architecture to event. It all is so much fun to do. Even sitting hours in front of the computer is nothing to complain about.  Now its time to see if I can get myself out there and noticed : )


Ok have a wonderful week everyone. P.S. I will try to post more...According to Mr Scott Bourne I should be posting no less then 3 times a week...OH BOY!!