Crazy weekend! Great images!

Oldtimey Folks Copyright Nicholas Laszewki 2011

 This weekend was wild for me. I had a weeding to shoot and took a few shots at a local festival. The image of the Log jam is above. Last year I went to check it out. And came up with a idea of taking an image of the encampments set ups. I did not take the advantage last year. But this year I took the opportunity to get it done. Now I like to let everyone know about my realization on taking pictures. It is that the images are there to take. You just need to get out and do it. And if there is people in the shot. Then ask what is the worst thing that can happen. They say no. Well then just move on and there are plenty of other images to find in this wonderful world. Now I also mentioned I shot a wedding. In my older post I said I was going to post on Craigslist for a free wedding photographer. Well it was not the best idea to do a wedding for free. But I needed to for the images. And I am glad to report it was all worth it. The wedding party was awesome and so willing to do crazy things. I am so happy I had the opportunity to shot this wedding. And will be redoing my entire Wedding portfolio. And finally this website will be looking good from front to back. Except for my spelling and grammar. But hay If I could have my own personal editor. Then I would have the post squeaky clean.

Ok have a wonderful week everyone.