Crappy Pie Studios and Saturation of bad work.

Got off work early today and had a chance to go to a photo studio that was next door to talk to the photographer. I've seen her work and had to talk to her about lighting situations. Well the lady there said she went to school to learn photography and studied under a photographer in town. But I ask her about the two sun situation. And she just gave me a blank look. Also I told her about family portraits they took there. And she said the lights are set up for taking pictures of Baby’s not family’s. And they took the pictures anyways and charged the customer. All I have to say is OMG! There are plenty of good photographers out there. And at the same time plenty of crappy ones. And what do people know about photography. They have there own lives to live. It is are jobs as photographers to produce top notch stuff. And there just not doing it. It is so frustrating that I have to see customers walking away with poorly composed and lite images. And pay money for it just is to much. Ok done ranting and raving. I guess that is just how it is out there. Well I know at least I will do the best I can. To give customers the best work I can do. And if I do not then it is not right to charge them one penny.

Ok take care you all ; )