Harsh light and Super 8. Film is beautiful!

 Monona Terrace Madison Wisconsin


Super 8 2011 Paramount Pictures



I was out and about in Madison Wisconsin on a warm sunny day. Thinking that the light was just to harsh for picture taking. Well I should of known better and I did. I was walking to check out Monona Terrace and the lines and shadow was striking. So I went back to grab my trusty old camera. Even if it is almost 5 years old. I am impressed by the images it still can take. Anyways I think it is important as a photographer to be able to use all the lighting situations your put into. If it is sunny take advantage of all the interesting shadows it creates. Overcast then use the wide contrast of light and shadow. If it is soft light with light overcast. Then well it is the best for all types of situations. So I was afraid before and said the light was not good to go out and shoot. Well all I have to say is poppycock. There is a image in everything no matter what the light is.


Today I saw Super 8 at the theaters. I wanted to see the movie when it came out. But waited maybe I'll see it when it comes to video. Well I'm glad I went to see it. Now I will not review the movie. Tho it was a good movie and well worth the coin to see it. But what struck me that film is still alive and kicking. And seeing it on the big screen was just amazing. Yes it was grainy in the darker scenes but that added some authenticity to the use of film. Not to sure of what type of film they used but it was the same type they used in Saving Private Ryan. I guess that was Steven Spielberg doing. And I thank him for keeping the media alive. In the age of digital and the use of the Red Camera and it soon to be predecessor. Maybe not in my lifetime but in future generations film will be eventually canned. But until then I will enjoy the movies more and its use of traditional film.


K take care everyone.