Soul searching and Customer service


I spent some time in Milwaukee the past day and discovered a few things. One that is not as bad as I thought it would be. To be honest I've been coupe up in this small town for way to long. I mean way to long. Last decent size town I lived in was Green Bay. And that was not even that big. For the last ten years I've been in a small town slump. And just never took the effort in getting out of it. Well this is to much I am getting out of this area for good. I thought Minneapolis but no I'm a cheese head. And there are plenty of cheese heads in my new twin cites. That means I will be looking into the Waukesha are. Not in Milwaukee but close to. And the second would be Madison is only and hour away. So there it is carved and stone and be on my way.


Now the second I would like to talk about is customer service. Now I believe in strong customer service. I do it everyday at my job. To benefit whom not me but my boss. I do not get anything out of being super nice to customers. But I do get is experience in handling people. And that is very very important in being successful. It is also important to be genuine. Because you can put on a fake persona. But people can see right threw that and it is not a real. Also It is very important to keep the customer happy. If you do screw up on the job or something happens. Well we are only human and life is to unpredictable. If you do not agree then you live under a rock. So that is my mantra and will stick with it. Because if your not happy then I am not happy....That' the truth and sticking wit it...


Have a wonderful week..