HDR Finally!!

 Tank Copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011


Mitsubishi eclipse basketball copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011

 Well I got up early today to go and shoot before it started to rain. Did not go to far. And to be honest nobody needs to go far to take good images. If so your not looking well enough. Got some shots at the armory and a new church there building down the road and some houses also. The houses around here are old and very characteristic. Got home and watched some HDR tutorials from Trey Ratcliff. To be honest I learn very little. But what I did learn was good enough to produce the following images. This I would say are the best HDR I have done. And also to be honest I have not done to much. So I am quit happy with the fact I did not spend much time behind the computer. Yes the turtorials helped out alot so my props out to Trey and his wonderful work at stuckincustoms.com So here here Nicholas a good ol pat on the back. And ready to go to more interesting spots to produce more interesting images.

Well take care and you all have a splendid day.