Shooting old school..Keeping it real.


Minolta X700 Vintage 1981

Just like to take you down memory lane. My first camera was the Minolta X700. It was a film camera and did have no bells or whistles. It did have a light meter built into it but I did not even use it. To be honest I did not understand most of its features. But it was the camera I had when I went to school. And the camera I used in my first year. Must say tho I miss it and wish I never sold it. If I come across the camera for cheap. I will buy it for nostalgic reasons. Why I am posting this is because I still shoot manually. That means I do not let the camera choose the settings. Yes I do let the camera focus for me. That is because I did manual focus for quite some time. I understand that it is better result wise that the camera will be more spot on then me. And when its time to press the trigger. Then 9 times out of 10 I will have a image in focus. At the same time missing the image because it was out of focus really sucks. So P mode is not in my book and A mode is not in my vocabulary. And when technology becomes many more advance. Whatever they put in the newer cameras. I will always let my instincts as a photographer take over. It is better that way and makes me feel I have control of what I am doing.

Ok take care you all.....