If it is on the internet does not mean its free.

This post is a short one about images on the web and copyrights. Just recently I heard about Twitter's Twit pick. In the terms and services where changed to give all the rights off the images to twitter. It is important for me to state this on my blog/website. That my images do not have watermarks. Why because I think there just tacky and ruins the image. Out there it is a 50/50 thing for photographers. Some do it some do not. Older photographers do watermark there images. Because it was the norm back in the day. But in the 21st century photographer mindset has change. Now it is important to have all my important images uploaded to copyright office. I have not done that yet. But it is something I need to do and do soon. It is not that expensive so there is no reason not to do it. Now like I said my images do not have watermark. But they are still my images and I had to work on creating them. These images do not appear out of thin air. It takes time to produce these images. From conception to creation to posting them on the internet. Some images takes many hours to create. And many hours before that to learn how to use the equipment and software. Also including my 3 years of school for my degree in photography. Yes my images are on the web and yes you can take them if you want. But it is stealing and against the law. I like to compare it to this. Go to your job and work a entire week. Then all the work you did was credited by someone else. And you where not paid for it. Because you did not get the credit for it. Yes this is illegal and is protected by the law. The same goes with my images. And should be treated as soon.


Ok have a wonderful week