People that inspire me to keep on trucking

Last week I listen two podcast that inspired me to keep on the good fight. One was This week in Photography or TWIP. Fredrick interviewed Robert Evens. It was a low key interview just modest chit chatting. But I took a lot out of the conversation. First I learned that success does not happen over night. And it takes years to get into the field full time. And second was not to stay away from wedding photography. Just let you know my wedding work is just down right awful. And I understand if no one will call me regarding work. But that is older work and I have changed so much since then. My experience with shooting weddings so far 6 weddings. And my overall need for the key shoots. Also the need to shoot the creative shots. So just waiting on that call one of these days to do a wedding. Then I can get some shots that will bring me the work I need. Ya it will probably take a free wedding to do that. So looks like I'll need to take down my CL add and repost a wedding one. The other podcast was the candid frame with guest William George Wadman. He is a photographer from New York city. He has a 365 project. This is taking a image every day and posting on his blog. Well these are just not regular picks but portraits. And not just snap shots but well done portraits. That I must say is a logistical nightmare. But I owe him so much credit on accomplishing such a task. At the same time putting so much dedication in your work must be rewarding in the end. So I complain on not having work or my portfolio being so weak. Well it is my fault and my alone. So It is time to kick myself in the backside and getting things done. This coming Friday I'll be heading to Milwaukee to attend a show. And must say happy to get out of town for a day or two. But I will be around buildings that I can shoot. So hopefully I will have some HDR to post next week on my blog. Ok here the links to what I was talking about and have a wonderful week.