What I learn this week.

Every week I learn something new about photography and just overall self growth. Now I will stay away from politics. But I do listen to much political shows and need to state this. Because of the upcoming political season. With all the rhetoric you hear out there. We should let them talk there talk and walk there walk. And that we should not depend on them to fixing things. I think it is are responsibility to make this a better country. Oh just had to get that out there. I feel I have fell down the political rabbit hole. And with comes with age I seem to care a lot more about my surroundings. Now this week what did I learn except on the personal front. I learn that if I do nothing to promote myself. Then I will not get any jobs. And that is just a plain fact. Yes I had an earlier posting on Craigslist. And I did repost a pathetic posting . It was just me groveling for work.. But it has been 6 months. And I am going nuts here. Updating my blog and shooting on the side can only do so much. Like I said I am dazed and confused in central Wisconsin. But does not mean I do not have to have work. In photography front I learn I getting quite proficient in my knowledge in the craft. I would love to know more about my field. But listing to other photographers out there. I am hearing the same thing over and over with a little nugget here and there. But overall I feel that I can handle myself quite well. So bring on the work I am so ready.


Ok this post did not go how I wanted to. My next posting will be something much different.


Ok it is fathers day so I need to get of this computer. And spend time with my dad.


Take care you all