Elements of a photo and a shout out to Rosh Sillars

This post is about the elements of an image. And what I see to compose and image to final results. Now everyone see's the world differently. In photography school they teach us the basic techniques of photography. And these techniques help us compose a decent image. But when we move past that then what. Just do the same thing over and over again. Just by using these tools. Now yes with these tools you can produce many images. From close up to wide angle from above and below. This is all taught in school. But after all the classes and all the images produce in school. You end up in the real world surrounded by other photographers. And it hits you that you did not develop a style in school. Now in school granted there are some kids that find there style. But many do not. I did discover my style in school. But did not realize it till a year or two after. Anyways I would like to talk about the image above. This was taken a little over a week ago. It was in the middle of the day. And the sun was casting some nasty shadows. Now in the situation you need assistance. And unfortunately I did not have any. So I brought a few flash units and a light meter. And was trying to get a meter reading in the sun. I knew it already but wishful thinking just got in my way. I had no reading on my meter. Even with the two flash units it still was not able to overpower the sun. That was a no brainer. So threw the entire session we had to take shelter under tree limbs and brush. With that the flashes where do ok but not great. Now the model was not having a great time with the bugs and the hot weather. But it is hard to tell by looking at the image. But it was not a great time for her. When the day was over we went are merry way. And I got to this image about a week later. Threw some processing threw photoshop and some plug in's I got this as the end. Some images just come to me in the process of editing. Some are done on site. Others just happen to be a great image and nothing need to be done. But taking the imagination and making it come out on the screen is amazing. That is why I love photography. It is a endless surprise. Most good and sometimes not so good. But knock on wood it has not happen lately. All shoots have came out with a few good images. And that is what it's all about. Ok last but not least I need to give a Shout out to Rosh Sillars at Rosh.com. I emailed him on Sunday asking him to link me up at LinkX. And just to mentioned something on his podcast. Well he went above and beyond and give him many props. He is an inspiration for me to blog and keep me on the right track.


Ok thanks to everyone out there that reads my unending blabbering. But this is a blog and a journal. And it is important for me to do this for myself. And maybe to a few of you out there that reads this.


Take care and have a awesome week everyone.