Dazed and confused in central Wisconsin.



Well I was planning on moving to the Twin Cities this summer. And part of that plan was to move into a month to month apartment. But that all went haywire and now I have to sign another years lease. So now what? How I am going to move when I am stuck here for another year. I first thought maybe I can start taking jobs in the Twin Cities area. But with the price of gas and the distance to get there. Also balancing two jobs is it possible. Well anything is possible. But just more complicated. So how is it done how am I going to move on with my life. To be honest like my posting. I am dazed and confused in central Wisconsin. Maybe this is not meant to be. And I will never make it as a photographer. But what then? I have no other avenues to explore. Photography is what I want to do. Well here is my sad post for the week. And hope next week I will have something brighter to talk about.

Ok take care to whom ever is reading this.....If any