Ramen noodles or T-Bone Steak.What should I charge?

 Now this week I would like to discuss about How I price my Business. Now if your a business major or have your own business yourself. Then there is nothing new that your going to read here. So this is just for the people that is interested in my service or just in me in general. Now just to mentioned what I said in my last couple of post. One was being a Craigslist photographer and also me working two jobs. One is that being a Craigslist photographer I need to price low. And why I can price low is because I have two jobs. Just the past couple of days I been rattling around some math in my head. I take home about 1600 a month. Now If I need to quit both jobs and go full time photographer and live the lifestyle I am living now. I will need to generate about 2200 a month. Now to be honest I will be taking home about 1600-1500 after everything is taken out. Now that still has me living like I am now. To be honest I am fed up with this life style. I would like to bump myself up to the middle class at least. So that means I need to generate at least 4000 a month. That is about 35-40 K take home. Now with all the math set aside how can I be a photographer full time if I charge $125 for a portrait. Or charge $500 for a wedding. It just will not happen. I will still have to work both jobs and live a low income life. Now I can live this life and maybe get a better job making 10 or 12 an hour and shoot on the side. But I do not want that anymore. I want to go full time as a photographer and do not look back. So the 125 for portrait will have to change for me to move on. I will have to charge at least 300 for a portrait and prints will be ordered threw me with a processing cost. So how I will charge other parts of my business IE event/ product/Interior and Exterior. I will have to sit down and do the math. Figure out the middle income bracket I would like to live in. And charge the customer accordingly to this. So for now I will be still charging 125 for a portrait. But honestly for the work you getting out of me for 125. I am working for minimum wage for you. And that is not what I am worth. But the work is important to me. And will sacrifice for now but I will hit the wall and it will have to change.

ok take care and have a wonderful day.