What you really want and commercialization

There was a show last week I heard on On Point With Tom Ashbrook. The issue was on reality TV shows and how it explains are culture. This got me thinking about what do people really want. Because how am suppose understand us as a people threw are media. There are 300 plus million of us in the US alone. And only maybe less then one percent of us (now I am pulling this figure out of nowhere but sounds about right) are involved in developing are culture packaging it and splashing it on are media devices. Now what does that mean for me as a photographer. Does that mean I need to fit in that norm and offer what should be expected of me. Like for example High Key and super saturated and over contrasted images are the big thing right now. Just spend some time on the internet and you know what I am talking about. Now before I say any more there is a lot of creative stuff in are culture. Sometimes I watch a movie or a show or a commercial. And just get floored by it's creativity. But at the same time there is so much crap out there that can just overwhelm the good stuff. Now back to me original point. What do we want and if we want it is some thing that they want us to have. Or is it truly what you would like. Now in my previous post I talked about the art of painting and how I would use it for inspiration. I believe that my work will speak for what I do. And not just a copy cat of some one else work. Just because it is popular or that is what people buy. But I believe it is important to be original work with perfect photo technique to bring out your vision. So I will not give you what you think you want. But develop a style that is original and done very well. So you can look at my work eventually and say no this is not for me right away. Or say this is what I want to hire to take my pictures for me. And not have my work be like everyone else. And just saturate the internet with similar images. Make it hard for the customer to make there decision. But make it easy so they can get on with there lives. And not be troubled by all Photographers out there with the same images.


Ok well thanks everyone that visits my site and reads my blogs.


Have a wonderful day.