Craigslist Photographer.


I been advertising on Craigslist for over 2 years now. To be honest I would give anything to stop. But I have generated work from using it. Also it is a free ad service. So I can not help posting on the service. But the problem is there is a certain type of stigma on using the service.  Other pro's look at the Craiglist photographers for a laugh and mock the bad images. Also the cheap photographers are on Criaigslist. This is hard for people like me to make it in the business. There bring the price down and not make it a competitive environment. Now the work should speak for itself. But lately the quality that customers are looking for is going down because of this. So I will keep on using this service and unfortunately be in the same group as these amateurs. But the day will come when I will not be needing this service. And when that comes. I can quit both of my low paying jobs.

K take care you all...Have a wonderful day