Podcast and Links.

This week I would like to share with all of you my favorite links and Podcast. Let you know I am not a full time photographer. And some day I will be going fulltime. But right now I work as a janitor for a major company. During my shifts I listen to my MP3 player. Loaded on my Player I listen to daily NPR Podcast. Shows like Wait Wait do not tell me, Car Talk and On Point with Tom Ashbrook and many many more. But also I listen to all the different Photography Podcast. Since 2005 Podcast exploded on Itunes and websites. I do not subscribe to Itunes cause to me it is easier to grab them from there home sites. The main reasons is that Itunes has a lag on getting them updated. And can grab the latest of the host site. My first Podcast I started to listening to was studiolighting.net. I started to listen in 2008 and was impressed with there guest and my eyes where open to the new insight of photography. All the different aspects of photography and learn from pro's in all different fields. Unfortunately over time there post's where becoming few and fewer and soon they stopped posting new podcast. So I am sorry to say goodbye to this site. But you can still go into there archive and download older podcast. Because the infrequent of there posting I drawed impatient and start to look for other podcast out there. just saying I drank from the punch and thirst for more info. So just searching on good ol Google. I discovered a world out there of new podcast. Here is a list of my favorite podcast out there and a description of there content.

Tips from the Top Floor Chris Marquardt is one of the first out there that started photo podcast. He talks digital photography and ask questions from listeners. Lately he has gone old school and rediscovered film ounce again. And I highly praise this and wish him the best of luck.

Camera Dojo Kerry Garison is another one out there I like to listen to. He is a wedding photographer that is down to earth. He brings in guest on and talk shop and mainly focus on gear and the industry. But he loves to talk gear alot and geeks out on it big time. 

Photo focus  Scott Bourne is the wise grandfather of Photography. And his wisdom is like gold to all that has listen to him. He is a well established photographer that been in the business since photography been invented...just kidding.  But he is up there in the photo god's. His main Focus is on Bird photography and running his business out of Vegas. His podcast are Question and Answer. And he brings in different photographers to answer his questions with him. One of his fav's to bring on the show is Tamara lackey. She is a child and portrait photographer.

Martin Bailey  Martin is a photographer out of Japan. He just recently went full time as a photographer. And is facing the issues with the earthquake. I give him my wises and hopes for his business to get back on track. Now he is another gear head and is very technical with his podcast. Just saying he like to talk in depth about his work. Getting into the technique part of photography. Also I think of him as the zen of photography. He has a very homeopathic style to his podcast. And hope to here a new podcast soon. To make me feel assure he is back on track. Also his main focus on photography is wildlife and landscapes...Well not rely landscapes but flowers and upclose shots of nature..Ya a nature photographer is how I can describe his work.

Nik Radio I just discovered this website just recently. It is from the makers of Nik Software. They bring on guest on a weekly basis. And they talk about photography and there use of Nik Software. But to be honest they do not talk alot about Nik Software. And most of the podcast is about the photographer and there work.

Photonetcast These are my international friends. They bring on a roundtable of photographers that talk about news and issues around photography. I learned alot about the legal part of photography from this podcast. And enjoy every time they release a podcast.  Now they are a monthly to almost bi monthly podcst. But look foward to every time they release one.

Prophotoshow Ah there is good ol gavin. He is a weeding photography out of Washington. He is a category all by himself. He is a very energetic person and very passionate about photography.  His podcast are sometimes him alone and like to talk about the buisness of photography. And his strategy on growing in this business. Also he brings in other people for round table discussions. Ya I must say one more thing about Gavin it's Esspresso.

Well to finish this post I must bring up New Media Photographer. Rosh is a social media guru of Photography and focus on Website/Facebook/Twitter and other aspects of social media. I owe him a debit of gratitude for getting me to start blog and working more on my social aspects of photography. I know that all this work on updating my website my be for nothing right now. And good chance no one out there is actually reading this. But maybe someday this would payoff. And must keep on plugging along. And hope for the best.


Have a good day everyone.......