Stuck on Stuck in Customs.


Well hello to everyone out there. I hope everyone’s Easter weekend went well. Now on to my post of the week. To be honest it was a bit challenging to come up with a new idea each week.  But I gave it some thought and realize that it is not as hard as I thought it would be. It just what ever Photography thoughts that are milling around in my head. To just think of how I would like to address it in my post.  Now recently I have heard Tray Ratcliff on TWIP and Also Photonetcast. And he got me thinking about HDR. Now I have did some in the past. But truly have not immersed into the craft of HDR. Well checking out StuckinCustoms I rediscovered my interest in HDR. What really made me think about how I would like to approach HDR.  Is I been noticing paintings on peoples walls. Now these are just paintings that you can get a like flee markets or garage sales. I hope you can visualize what I am trying to convey. But these images are of flower gardens with highly saturated colors. Or of landscapes with bright reds and greens and so on. With the combination of Treys Website and also these paintings. It has differently got my creative side tingling. So in the next couple of weeks I will be getting my camera out and get a little more serious about HDR. O ya also it is spring to. So the flowers will be blooming. And the best time of the year to get out there and soaking in the warmth weather and colors. Ok I attached one of Treys images on this post. To just give you an Idea of his work. And also linked his site on this post.

Have a wonderful day.

Apple store in New York City. Copyright Trey Ratcliff