OMG my First Video!!!

Wow it is like pulling teeth was when I recorded this Video. My idea was to record a video of myself and post on my Blog. To let people out there to know me better..Well since I am not an actor it took a few takes. I give props to all actors out there. And that it is not an easy thing to do. Also I am a photographer and work alot better behind the camera.  My intention in this video and upcoming videos. Is that I will be expanding into video.  In the future I will be offering it to potential customers. Now it will not be tomorrow or even next week. But in the near future when I establish myself as a professional photographer. I will be investing in the proper gear to offer video as part of my services. This video was captured with a older point and shoot. So the resolution is not the best. But my D90 records video in 720p. But the down fall is it does not have an external mic input. So I'll just have to work with what I have. And down the road invest in audio recording device. And import it into my finish video. Also to do some post production to my videos. You all will see it come along as I move forward in my post. Well please forgive me in this amateur video. But I believe I have accomplish what I wanted for this post. So if you think I am a little awkward in this video. It is my first time so please cut me a little slack ; )

Okey Dokey you all have a wonderful week