My First Blog entry.

Welcome to my Blog or IE Journal Entry. I'll be doing my best in updating this this much as possible. Also at the same time to post new images and photographic ideas. Now to let you know I am dyslexic. And that I will have typing errors and grammar anomalies. And will catch them as I go. But can not guarantee perfect writhing but will do the best I can. There will not be to much to my first entry. But to let you know that summer is coming up and look forward in the big move to the twin cities. How I will accomplish this is still up in the air. I am saving but not at that point yet. How the economy is right now. It is hard to tell if the move will work or not.  But the hopes are there and my dream of being a full time photographer is still with me. Also shooting more is a huge goal with me. I feel I am putting it off and need to get out there. But I work to much and when I do have time. I just spend my downtime resting. But this needs to change and hope I can get more jobs to get my blood going. But not all is lost and spend many hours studding the field. And listening to as my podcast as possible. And researching online. To be honest I am excited in what is out there. And looking forward to the day I can do this fulltime and embrace all is out in the photographic field. What does scare me a bit. And will be ready to jump into. Is video my D90 does take video but at last not as good as the 5d from Cannon. But Nikon has the D3 and the D4 is right around the corner. So when the time comes I will be ready. Right now I know more about video then I should know. Ok well this is my first entry and rambling on. So hope you all out there will get to know a little about me. And will be posting ideas images and links as I go...Take care and have a wonderful day What ever your doing : )