Starting fresh.

I've lived in the Central Wisconsin area for almost three years. And have only gotten a handful of photography jobs. My goal was to move to the Twin Cities since I gotten out of school. And have not made the move for one reason or another. Well it is time to move and perused this goal to go full time.  I know it is not going to be easy. And there is plenty of competition is out there. But that is a good thing. Because if there is no competition this field. Then it gives me no reason to improve in my craft. And to not have the drive to better myself and my business. And going to school for photography would of been for nothing. So I'll be dusting off my DSLR and shooting new images for my website. And to be more active in my site and the web also. So everyone out there watch out and keep in eye on my activity. My presence will be more promedent. Ok take care everyone and have a wonderful day.