inspiration and creativity



A couple of months ago I had a lighting strike of creativity. Now before I had no real issue of coming up with photography ideas. But they where run of the mill creative shooting technique's. And to be honest it was typical of the same ol same ol. What I was searching for was a edge that brought me my style. And to make it in this field is to have a signified style that separates me from the rest. This summer I will be out shooting with this new view. And also with new lighting techniques and shooting styles. That will bring my natural born talents. Now I listen to alot of photography podcast. And some day soon I will be doing some of my own to post on my website. But lately I discovered Matthew Jordan Smith. Listening to him Struck my creative cord and his personality was amazing. To just have some fun with my site. I will post a youtube video of him. So you can have a good idea of the people I follow and take inspiration from. Ok enjoy and have a wonderful day. Cause life is short and be a shame to not make the most of it.