The Responsibility as an artist. And no not LA..

Grave colors Copyright Nicholas Laszewski 2011


Well to just get this off my chest I am not going to LA. Its just one of my fantasy coming out on the screen. Now it's not that its a fantasy. I understand about the trials and down falls in such ventures. The idea has been in my head for a long time. And its just so hard to get rid of it. Like I told someone at work. If I had a friend in the LA are. And they give me a call and said “hay Come to LA and you can live with me”. “I get you a crappy job so you can have some money coming in”. Well I would sell everything that I can not pack in my car. And will leave the next day without looking back. That’s how I feel about that idea.

Now onto the Responsibility of an Artist. I was listening to a podcast last week. And they brought up a novel that I can not recall at this time. To be honest that is not the point. It's over all theme in the novel was that artist have responsibility to there work. Now this might be a no brainer to some. But to others they do not even take that into account. When I heard that it stuck a cord with me. I feel that we all have the responsibility to are work. To do are best and to take pride in it. The kind of pride that a artist or painter would look at there sculpture or painting and be proud of there accomplishment. Now I look at my images and have the same feeling. If you have a good feeling when you sit back and look at the image. Then its your subconscious telling you “hay good job”. Now it all depends on the quality of work also. You must be able to identify the quality in your work If not then maybe you should go back to school and work harder on your craft. Well I preached about this in the past. And maybe this is an ongoing theme to my blog. But this topic means a lot to me. Maybe because I see so much crap around here I get frustrated. And also its a small town. There will be a lot of amateurs. Can not wait to move to a larger city...There be a good balance of crap to good work. And I bet ya I will be singing a different tune..


Ok have a great week everyone