Back on the horse?


Yes I am still alive and kicking and just posted a new gallery of my paintings "yes I do paintigs I've been painting all my life"...and images I took recently.  Now is it back on the horse again. Well I never got off... But more like Ive been on coin operated horse. Like Im here and on the horse and its moving. But its not really going anywhere. That's no ones fault but myself. So lets see if I can give it the old college try again. Can't really hurt not to try but nothing goes anywhere if I don't try......Its nice to post something new. Good for the soul and also good to type on an actual computer keyboard.

Not on my phone.

Lets try try try...


Its soo to be summer of 2016. And I just paid to get my squarespace account back in my hands again. Not floating in the clouds without any strings attached. Now what should I do? I think its time to try try and try ounce more. Because not tring is the same as not leaving your bedroom and living life. Not much has changed but I do have a drone now. Had it since January of 16 and very good with it. Notice the previous post I did last year and just saying that is not my image..But not going to delet it. I think Its nice to keep up for memory sake. Well I think I will be working on my site and adding more images and tabs to the top bar. Ok nice to see my baby back in my hands. In this Post is a drone pick and my new Flyer.

This is the summer of my discontent

Example of image taken by my colaberator CJ.

I've been lagging in my blog post lately. Because of the lack of enthusiasm for anything. I wish I could get phone calls for my business. Because I feel it would be nice kick in the rear for me. But it's not happening. In a day I'll be getting more fliers in the mail. So I'll going out again doing the rounds. Maybe that will make me feel better and put more pep in my step. Not to sure why I am so much in the dump..Well I actually know why. But unfortunately it's something I can not talk about it in this post. What I need to find is that passion I had for photography. It seems not to be there. Right now I guess I'll have to concentrate on other things. I am painting again so that's a good thing. But what else do I need to make me feel better. I guess I'll just wait and see. One thing I have found a drone pilot. So I can do aerials now if the customer request it.


Ok take care everyone.

Pizzas to Pictures



Copyright 2014


This last week was very long and trying for me. To pay the bills I deliver Pizzas and clean an office building. The cleaning job is ok and I can not complain about it. But the Pizza job is just getting old and tiresome. I've been doing this type of work for way to long and its taking a toll on my sanity. I do this type of work because of the expected income. I've told myself I'm going to look for a different job, but I dont. I'd rather just go and market my business. Talk to potential clients and drop off fliers. I move to this area to get my skin in the game and try to do a go for it. A year here will be coming up in June. Have I reached my goal? At the least..But that will not stop me. I have gotten a couple of jobs and I'm grateful for it. But I'll need 15 gigs a month for me to quit my pizza job. It will take time and summer will be here soon. So I'll be working harder to get my name out there. My price will stay the same for now. I would love to shoot real estate full time.  Figure out how I can accomplish this is going to be the big question. So for now its pizza and pictures. And some day soon it will be just pictures.

Virtual Tour and more




copyright 2014




Just recently I had a job. When I showed up the customer assumed a virtual tour was part of the package. I was a little thrown off by this assumption. But I should of not been, since all the realtors been saying the same thing. “Do you do virtual tours”? Since I was new at this game I thought virtual tours was completely something else. A stitching of wide angle images to create a fun house look of the interior. I was terribly wrong at this and was happy to be so. It was just a slide show set to display the property in full screen view. Also with information on the property and if requested a floor plane. Here is a link to what I offered my customer

The other day I was asked if I do drone photography. This is another request I’ve been asked. I tell them every single time no. It requires a major investment in drone technology. And at this time I have not generated the money to justify it. If they need the images from eye in the sky. Then services are out there that offer that. To be honest I do not yet see the infatuation with birds eye view of the property. Yes it might be a wonderful selling point to the potential buyer. But I think the view a human usually see's is on the ground. But that is my opinion and I can be terribly wrong..And also back to price point..I charge $80 for images and $10 for virtual tour. So if they want drone images..Then Id have to charge $50 per image to make the money back from my investment. So I'm happy I had another job and its nice that they loved the images. Now like I said in my previous post I'm ready for the next one and the next one...




Fear and loathing in Sarasota Florida


Copyright 2014


Its been 7 months since I’ve moved to Sarasota. And only one job to claim at this time. Being disgruntle might be my emotion. But that would be an easy way to coop out of my situation. I just get back from dropping more fliers off at the same real estate brokers I've dropped off before. Threw the process my emotions are mute. I feel now that I'm just going threw the motions. But will I stop? No! That’s because deep down inside I want to still be a photographer. Right now I will be working on another venture into photography. And that will be selling fine art photo prints. Some will be mine, but most will be other peoples work. It will take a little investment. But I feel I need to keep on pursuing my dream. To work in the world of photography full time. That as a photographer or seller on photography. So I lowered my prices in my services. And that will be the last time It will go down. I can not justify any lower then $80. The time and work to get the images shot and processes and off to the client. I will be making around $12 and hour. But that might change on how my work flo goes. So now its time to get working on my fine art venture. That means more business cards and more driving around. But that's how its done. Nothing will happen if I just sit home and pray for someone to call.




My first house gig!!!

Last week Tuesday I got a call at work from Mariele Hoffam of Keller Williams. She seen my ad on Craigslist I posted offering my services for a discount price. Well are conversation went well and I landed my first job. It was for the next day, she needed the images asap. So there I was the next day at the property ready to shoot away. I was very surprised to see it was larger from the inside then it appeared on the outside. This place had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms...Or maybe 2 bathrooms. I only took pictures of one bathroom. Anyways I had a blast taking the pictures. The owner showed up shortly after we arrived and he was great to chat with. The entire experience was kinda surreal. I was there to take pictures but was having fun at the same time. After 2 hours of shooting and chatting with Mariele and the owner I was done. I told Mariele that I would have some images for her next day. And that night I finished a small part. And the next day I finished the rest of them. She loved the images and paid me more then I requested on my AD on Craigslist. I'm happy I got my first job..Now I'm ready for my next one and next one and next one....

You need to be professional!!

Today I was out distributing my flyers to local real estate agencies. All was going good until my last stop. There I am strolling into a small agency wearing my work shorts and tee shirt and approached a older gentleman. He looked at me stunned saying who are you? I said like I usually do is that I am dropping off my Flyers. He looked at it for a second and then looked back at me in my shorts and tee shirts. He said you are not a professional in his deep accent..In witch I can not place may be southern European. Anyways he made some comments about my flyer that he can't read it and hand it back. Come back he said and be professional about it. I was stunned for hours. Until I went to my cleaning job at a local office down the road. There was a few people working late. So I talk to a lady that was working in her office. She was kind and nice and we chatted about my encounter. Threw all that I understood that its not my pictures that do all the talking. But how I present myself. Thinking that I'm not selling something that I need to present and explain. But a product that the images do all the work. Ive worked for minimum wage jobs all my life. And mostly in the service economy. So Ive dealt with all walks of people. And to be honest do a good job at it. But I'm always behind a phone or wearing a dirty uniform because I'm cleaning or at a restaurant. This is hard for me to understand the professional side of life. Yes the communication part I feel I have down. But it's also presentation. Everyone that works in a office and business side of the world do it every day. Me I just need to understand it. I feel my work is marketable and worth going out there to sell it. But for me I need to trip and fall a couple times before people take me seriously.

500px Click on it...


Let you know about my 500px page. This is a website that creative people post there best images. On my front page there is a 500px icon. Well its there so people will click on it and see my other work I don't post on my website. Sometimes I post images on my blog and not in my portfolio. So tho's images make it to my 500px page. Its a free site and they have a upload cap per week. But I seem not to worry about that because I only upload a couple images a month. But its a great site to get inspired by other peoples work. And Also its a place for my customers to go and see my more artistic side..Even tho it probably shows threw my work..So lick on the picture and see more...

Carefull what you pay for..


The image that was given to my friend.

After I got my Mouse on the image..

 Last week I was down in Naples to visit a friend of mine. He moved down the same time I did and brought some of my stuff down with him. While I was there he tossed me his wedding cd and ask me if I can do something about the images. I told him Ill take a look and see if I can spruce them up for him. Well a couple of days later I took a look and was appalled. The images where so unprofessional shot. The angles the shots where terrible..the way the shots where set up where unimaginable. And the worst out it all was there was water on the lens..Or dust on the sensor. Either way the images where not fixed in post and just exported onto a CD and given to my friend. And the worst about it all my buddy payed the photographer a couple of hundred dollars. Well let you know bad images is why I’m here. The images displaying Real Estate is bad...So I hope people out there understand what is a good image looks like and call me..

Here and ready to work...


Copywright Nicholas Laszewski 2013


On July 2nd I landed in Sarasota Florida and I'm ready to work..Well its been two weeks and I’m still ready to work. Yes I am waiting to get to work..Got two lined up but waiting on background checks. But work is only work if you are enjoying the work you do. Well I came here to do real estate photography and ready to get to work. Yes I am out there dropping off fliers and business cards. Its a light marketing technique and there is more needed to be done. Unless people start looking at there email then I need to keep my shoes on. Well luck needs to be on my side and just hard work maybe I can get something done..except for just working...

Its time to move.

Lets move. Copyright 2013

Its been awhile since I posted a blog. And that’s because I've been working and working and wrapping it up here in Wisconsin. I posted in past blogs I was moving to Florida. And well that’s going to happen in about a month. It's a bit of a risk to just give it all up and move away. My jobs love me my landlord love me but I just cant stay for them. I need to do this for myself. I need to see if I can do it down there and make a living at it. I know it will not happen right away but I have hopes. Playing it safe will wont make me into a happier person. Plus with this blog and me still keeping up with my photography just proves my passion still is there. I have updated my site a bit with a price list for my services. And also I added a link to my contract for potential customers. Just need to get a flier together and order some business cards. Then off to the networking and at the same time get things together for the move. Ok well in this post is a image of a half a house being moved by a crane. Well this was taken from my place. I live next to the local high school. And they have a program for habitat for humanity. Its a noble cause but I work nights and the noise wakes me up during the day. This has been going on for 4 years and was waken by the sounds of this going on. Well I don’t need to worry about it anymore..I am going and going for good...

Lost in time...



My mom gave me an image to work on a while back. Well when I looked at it I knew that it was going to be a job. Its been set aside until now. To restore this image it took time and more time and well more time. But you can tell it was well worth it. Some parts of the image just could not be brought back because of to much damage. Its possible to reconstruct some of the faces. But it would take more time and at the end it would be not a true representation of the person. When I was working on this image I was drawn into each individual life's. Not that I knew the person and I don't know who these people are. My Mom doesn’t even know she said its relation but whom its yet to be discovered...Shes on the case now..Anyways I was just clicking away at the images cleaning it up. And I just could not help wondering whom these people are. If anyone is still alive..Probably not. But where are there descendents. And what happen to them when they grew up. I never had an emotional response to an image like this before. I’m sure its because of the hours I spent on the image I got attached to it..First time for me I must say. Anyways the main reason for this post is to show customers that I offer photo restoration. And that it will not be something I do all the time. But if a job comes to restoring an image I will take it. But it does takes a long time to do it..Depending on how much damage. Its not going to be cheap..At all...

Researching My field and the beauty of the space.

Stairs to nowhere copyright 2013

I’ve talked about doing research before on my blog. But now since I will be moving to Florida. Its important to know the field of work I'm getting into. I started by looking at and watched all the videos. Then I got out there and shoot my heart out to get the images you see on my site today. And many more to come when I get out there and start making money in this field. Also kept up with the site This site offers information in the field of real estate photography and other nice tib bits. This site has a Flickr following at These are the main spots I visit to get inspiration and see what is out there for images. I follow other photographers on these sites and see what there doing to offer images to there costumers. If my images don’t look like what you see on these other sites. They will be gravitating to that type of look. To be honest they will not look exactly like what you see. I need to find my look that customers want. And also to stroke my ego people will see my image and know it was done by me. One more thing I like to do interior and exterior art photography. By clicking on the 500px icon on my front page. You will see what other work is out there. I do post in multiple locations. And when I do this full time the images will be everywhere. So looking forward to my new endeavor and hope for the best..Plus I got a Facebook business page. Ill be posting my ideas and reposting my blogs..

What about the 99%?

Copyright 2013
When it comes to Real Estate photography they say to market to the top 1%. But what about the 99% that is out there. They also need pictures taken of there property also. So my intention is to help that part of the struggling market. And offer them the images that can push there property to be sold or rented. Its important to do what I can to help move forward the real estate to better times. And also make a living at it and do something I love.  So yes there is 3.5 million dollar propertys that need to be professionally done. But don't forget the hundreds of thousands of empty propertys that need to be moved also. And so I am hoping to offer my help to rejuvenate with my images...And on a wing and prayer it works out..

Moving to florida..


Naples Pier..Copyright 2013

Its been quit an adventure for me on my journey to this point. For some time I was dazed and confused on what I need to do with my life. But I had some time off at work and decided to take a trip to Florida. Well the trip was well worth my money and time. And I decided to move to the sunshine state. And peruse the real estate and rental property photo business. It will be challenging and maybe a little trying but it will be worth it. There is nothing for me here in Wausau. Yes family and love ones but that can not put a roof over my head. Or give me a carrier...So Its time to pack up and move on and hope for the best. I redesign my site to have less content. And also I would like to approach these aspects of photography. Main goal is real estate but I still like to do senior portraits,weddings,glamor shots also. I enjoy doing all of that and will like to keep it on my site. So I can pursue these aspects of photography and grow. Also I was going to get rid of my blog..But I think its important to me and maybe others to see my online journal. I never kept a diary and this is kind of my trail left on the web..Ok time to get back to my site..Its still a bit of a mess...OH YA HAPPY 2013!!!

Its been a long time...


 Waterfall at night..Copyright 2012

Its been a long time since I posted a blogpost. And there a few things up in my life. In a week Ill be heading to Florida. To see if I got a chance to make it in real estate photography. I tried it around here. And I printed out 100 flyers and dropped them off at the local agencies. There was a special on the flyer where I did the first house free. Well it was not a big surprise I got no hits. If I had even one hit. And it was free then I would think it my be doable around here. And well its not and I'm wasting my time in Wisconsin. Ive been posting all my new images on 500px. Its the 500 icon on my site. Most of its been HDR and some other picks. My site has been sitting dormant for a long time. And I guess there is a new squarespace to I can be using. But if its not drawing viewings then why bother right now. I get more eyeballs on my 500px postings. Anyways Ill be posting images when I get back from Florida. And also its snowing around here..So Ill be out capturing the winter wonder land...Ok take care everyone and Happy Holidays..

Weddings and Staying in Wisconsin..

Untitled Copyright Lazphoto 2012 

Just recently I had the opportunity to shoot a weeding. Now weddings can be very interesting to shoot because of the activity that is going on at the time. And you need to know where to be to get the great shoot. But at the same time if you have not shot all the different religions. Then you need to be familiarize with the ceremony or you will lose that shot. For me it was lighting the candle. I wasn’t ready for the shot and missed it. That’s why having two shooters for a weeding is important. But also during the ceremony I was all over the place. And felt intrusive and that made me uncomfortable. But I was on the outside edge of the chapel and not close enough to be in the way. I heard recently from a friend that attended a wedding and the photographers where all over the place. And they where obstructing the wedding. Well I know its important to get the shot. But they need to be a fly on the wall and stay out of the activity. That is one thing I know about photo journalism. Is to record the event do not be part of it...Ok now my move to Florida. I still want to move but first I need to give Wisconsin a chance. Just do what I want to do is to stay in central Wisconsin and market to Madison,Green bay area the Eau Clarie area...But right now I need to do is get into a property and get my portfolio rolling.. Ill post images as they come in. One more thing I got my D7000 and love it..but it will take awhile to understand all it can do...When I do it will probably be time to get another camera.